Harrison Anchor | Steilacoom Newborn Photos

I’ve been friends with my beautiful friend Tina for 25 years…at least. So it was only fitting that I would fly up to capture her newest born. This is the 6th to her clan and blended family. And I’m so happy I did! Living in SoCal for the past 15 years, I have most certainly missed out on all my childhood friends having babies. So this was so special to be there for this one…Harrison Anchor. Cutest babe ever with the most adorable name too. I think there is something so beautiful about watching an experienced mama take care of her little one with so much ease, grace, and love. I loved every minute I spent with these two!

You might remember his mama’s maternity photos on a sailboat? Which might bring a bit more meaning to his name Anchor. Also fitting that he is the blending force between Tina’s three and Scott’s two children….the child that brings them all together and anchors them as a family. LOVE! Congrats Tina, Scott, & tribe.

Newborn Harrison Anchor