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As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m on a mission to bring our digital images to life and print. I have thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of photos living on hard drives that no one will probably ever see of our personal life. Which is a damn shame! So I’m committing to getting them off my computer and phone and on to our walls and coffee tables or even just our refrigerator.


I gotta say, anytime I walk into the home of a friend or client for the first time…my eyes instantly gravitate to how they decorate their walls. I love seeing how their memories and moments tell so much about their family story and personality. I moved into my current home only eight months ago and I’m still struggling to get photos up on our walls in our place. Part of my problem, is that I have a lot of art, family photos, and travel photos…it’s hard to decide what to display and how. And I tend to be a perfectionist which actually keeps me from doing anything. But doing nothing is definitely not better than doing something and working on improving it. And so I try. The gallery wall displayed below is our home office that also doubles as our dining room. I actually love the way this turned out because it such an eclectic collection of art (minus the ability to keep the frames square and straight)…prints from my travels, painted art bought in Costa Rica, a couple of paintings from a cousin of Davids, a map illustration, and always one of my favorites…quotes. It’s okay to mix and match. There are no rules when it comes to decorating your home…just surround yourself with things that bring meaning to you and your family.

Gallery Walls - Bringing Digital Images to Life & Print | Charla Blue Photography

I must thank Pinterest for giving me the creative permission to combine painted art with photographs, frames with canvases, and even throwing a few quotes printed on wood in there. I’m currently working on creating more galleries in my home, so stay tuned. As I mentioned, this is my mission in 2015!

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