Brooklyn | 7 Years Old

Seven.Years.Old. I can hardly believe my little girl is already seven years old. Although I’m quite certain she thinks she is already 17 years old. Slow down sister. We have time to grow and most certainly need to appreciate this age before fast forwarding to the future. That is surely the curse of being young & old…wanting to be grown up when you’re young and wanting to be young when you’re old. If we could only learn to appreciate and soak in our current reality.

I took 5 minutes (literally!) to capture this day on her seventh birthday. I need to be better about regularly capturing her/our life with my camera.

Here’s a few fun facts about our seven year old…

  • She could do cartwheels all day long. We are enrolling her back in gymnastics as part of her birthday gift because she is nonstop imitating all of the gymnastic movies she loves.
  • She is a bit of a puzzle whiz. She has most recently mastered her 300 & 500 piece puzzles and does them several times a day. I believe it’s her Zen space. For her birthday, she received a 1000-piece puzzle. I thought it may be a bit ambitious but she was so excited to tackle it.
  • She watches Dancing with the Stars and tries to recreate their dance routines.
  • She has a great sense of humor and sometimes twisted (not sure where she got that?).
  • Despite her outgoing personality around family & friends, she is still very shy and intimidated in new situations and with new people.
  • She is a creature of habit and thrives in routine and structure (which is not me…so I struggle with this).
  • She’s obsessed with the monkey bars at school and has come a long way this past year.
  • She has the memory of an elephant. If I can’t remember or find something…I ask her. And she always knows!!! No kidding.

My Brookie Brooks…I love you so!

You challenge me like no other…inspire me to be better…and teach me the definition of unconditional love.

A very Happy Birthday and thank you for being you!!!